Welcome to our Dojo

This will be an adventure for you unlike any other you’ve had. Aikido
is a powerful and beautiful martial art, and a Path to deeply and truly
knowing your Self. We are pleased and honored to have your

In learning, you’ll go through many changes. You will become more at ease in your body with each passing day. You will find that you have more energy, and much better balance than you once had. You will become physically and mentally tough. Your intuition will sharpen and your mind will become relaxed, supple and spontaneous. Remember that you are opening, growing. Some of this will be easy, but often the changes are sweeping, even difficult. Persevere through your periods of doubt and disillusionment and you will find that compassion has replaced fear in your heart, and the Peace of Your Being fills the ordinary moments of your life.

Listen respectfully to your instructors. They have all been tested time and time again, formally and otherwise. No one will teach a class in this dojo who does not have your best interests in mind and heart.

Always enjoy your practice and if you can, forget yourself while you do. This will always be a temple, and your sanctuary.