Spring seminar info fixed

…sorry all. I posted details on the kinokawa.org web site, but I didn’t post it on the actual seminar page. So depending on what links you followed, you got information, “check back here for updates”, or inexplicably bounced over to the mainLineBudo.com web site. doh.

Let’s try this again…

FB event (please join!): https://www.facebook.com/events/622733741107366/

And just plain old inline information…

Spring seminar will be the April 26/27 weekend. Seminar will be at the LV dojo.

Hours for both days will be 9am to Noon, a break for lunch and 1pm to 4.
On Sunday, we’ll have an extended stretching session starting at 8:30.
Seminar fees will be $50 for one day, or $80 for both.
Lunch will be provided for $5.