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Spring seminar April 20/21

Spring seminar will be held at the Bryn Mawr dojo on Saturday April 20th and Sunday the 21st. More details will be announced as we get closer to the date.

Save the date…

Can’t make it to April seminar? Mark your calendar for Summer seminar the weekend of July 20/21 at Lehigh Valley dojo.


Migrating our email lists to Google groups

If you are already on our email list…

In the near future, you will receive an invitation from us via Google groups.

Google groups are free, and you do NOT need a Google account. But you DO need to accept the invitation, or you won’t be joined to the new group.

We have TWO email lists…

One list is for general information and announcements about Kinokawa Aikido.
One list is for information specific to the Lehigh Valley dojo.

If you are on BOTH lists you will be invited to two groups; Be sure to accept both invitations.

Or you can join the groups right now…

For the Kinokawa ryu Aikido general list…!forum/kinokawa-aikido

For the Lehigh Valley dojo list…!forum/lv-dojo-kinokawa-aikido