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What Is Aikido?

aikido_100x280_72dpiAikido is a way to train, study, and understand a method of mental and physical coordination. Aikido believes that mind is the master. Every follower of Aikido must study the laws of the mind, train his mind, letting the body follow and find a way to coordinate with the mind. In order to coordinate the mind and body, Seika-No-Itten, or the One Point, must be understood. To keep the mind to one spot, it must be concentrated somewhere. That place is the Seika-No-itten, or a point about two inches below the navel, the center of the lower abdomen.

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The Founder of Aikido

osenseiAikido was founded early in the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba, or as he is know within Aikido: O’Sensei, (an honorific term for a great teacher.) Ueshiba’s previous martial arts training started from the traditional study of Kenjutsu and Kendo, and in the military during the 1900’s, during which he studied with the Masakatsu Nakai Dojo learning Yagyu-ryu Jujitsu. His devotion further lead him to study Kodokan Judo with Kiyoichi Takagi and later on Daito-ryu Jujitsu, with the legendary Sokaku Takeda.

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