Seminars and Open Training Days

We have regularly scheduled seminars and open training days; These events are always on the weekend with the 3rd Saturdays in each month.

The specific dates for each event can be found on the main calendar of events.


Seminars are held the weekend of the third Saturday in January, April, July and October.

The schedule varies for each seminar. Please join our mailing list and check the front of our web site or Facebook page for specific details. Seminars are open to anyone who wishes to attend; everyone is welcome regardless of rank or affiliation, including students of other martial arts.

Open Training Days

Open training days are held on the third Saturday of every month. (Except for Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct which are seminar weekends.)

There are no fees for open training days and anyone may attend. On these “open” days, the various dojos and clubs do not hold classes. Instead, they take the opportunity to encourage all Kinokawa students to attend Sensei Wirth’s class. The “open” class often starts a little earlier, and runs a little longer, than whatever the current hosting dojo’s normal schedule — so be sure to verify the exact class start time.